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04/01/2015 08:00 PM
"But I'm a good puppy..." to which the boy replies, "you should see what he does with bad puppies!" which, of course, divierts Sir's attentions onto the boy who has been aiding in the puppy's torment. The boy laughs and whines as Sir tickles and punches him pausing only to torture the puppy's tits. When they've had enough Sir lets them double team his cock.
04/01/2015 08:00 PM
Victor & Marlon
Victor and Marlon are two sexy muscle guys with lots of passion. Not a day goes by where the two tattooed Bulls are not on top of each other. It takes only a glance, then Victor is on his knees - with his friend Marlon in his mouth. Because Marlon has the biggest dick, the pair changed quickly and Victor's huge cock is dripping in spit the face of his greedy friend. Marlon moves from his mouth to his beard. It itches his cock and screams to be fucked. Victor licks his soft rosette and makes him fuck-willing and ready for the ride.

In the doggy style position, he pushes him bare cock into his ass at first slowly. The fuck strokes are increasingly strong. Really overheated Marlon rides Victor now in different positions. Victor then injects the final cum shot in the face.
04/01/2015 08:00 PM
Fabrizio Nice & Lyam Dylan
In Paris' Cruising area you can always find some cute boys to have a very good time with. One night, Fabrizio meets Lyam, a hot Bakala guy with a huge 24 cm cock ready to be suck by Fabrizio and, well why not!? He's ready to enjoy playing with Fabrizio's big ass. It's a matter of fact that Fabrizio is crazy for big cocks and is fond of smelling sports gear.
03/31/2015 08:00 PM
Jake Matthews & Austin Chandler BAREBACK in Nashville
Jake and Austin are lip locked in a passionate kiss as this scene begins. But Jake can't wait to get his lips around Austin's monster cock. He deep throat's that thick meat with skill and pure lust. Austin quickly returns the favor but is more interested in pounding Jake's ass with his big bare cock. Jake is loving every minute but wants to trade places so he get's Austin's hole ready and then fucks him. It's too much for Austin he flips again and pounds Jake until he explodes in a waterfall of cum.
03/26/2015 08:00 PM
Mike & Luis
Mike and Luis deliver a couch bound fuck session that will have you creaming your pants. Mike cums all over Luis's tight young ass in a sticky climax to a hot afternoon of fucking.
03/26/2015 08:00 PM
Kyle Bernet
Handsome Kyle is 22 and from Chicago. He is a top and likes his guys a little older. His tight body is nicely muscled and he keeps his sexy shape with regular workouts. Enjoy as he takes you on an intimate tour of his body in the shower before jerking off on his bed.
03/26/2015 08:00 PM
Latin Punishment: Part 6
It's time to open up Joseph Rowland's back door, and few things are better for that than a long, thick dildo. While the bitch is tied down, Master Devon invades him with the dildo, and pumps him until Joseph is ready to crawl onto the ceiling.
03/26/2015 08:00 PM
Twinks First Time: Part 2
Late night at the cabin, Enrique and Chas Kramer are bunking together, and it isn't long before Enrique send Chas' cock right down his throat. Then Enrique ride's Chas like the mighty stallion that he is, getting shafted up the ass with every bounce.
03/25/2015 08:00 PM
The boy and micropup (named not because of his small stature but because of his micro-member) stand chained to the ceiling apart from one another. Sir orders the boy to kick micropup in the balls and the pup bounces off the walls to avoid the punishment from the boy's harsh boot. Sir joins in on the fun, taking turns attacking each of the prisoners.
03/25/2015 08:00 PM
Bitch Britney & Jim Ferro
It was supposed to be only a regular photo shoot. But what happens, when the young photographer can't hold his horses. Our Muscle daddy model Jim Ferro knows exactly how to get the young lad horny and sweaty. Didn't our sweet young photographer know that a sling is a perfect playground? Soon enough he lays in it and enjoys the work of Jim Ferro's big dick and his Prince Albert...
03/24/2015 08:00 PM
Lucas, Alex & Owen BAREBACK in Des Moines
We have double the treats for you today! First up we have a new porn model - Lucas Zander whose kinkiest sexual experience is a threesome in an elevator in Spain. How hot is that!!! Alex Mason is returning to add some flavour to this threesome. But Owen Powers is the real star here as he takes both Alex and Lucas's cocks in his hungry ass! And both cum deep inside that wanton cavern!
03/19/2015 08:00 PM
Patrik Janovic & Miro Gaspar
Patrik and Miro are making out in Miro's bedroom. The two boys have been hot for each other for a while and now the pent up sexual tension explodes into an afternoon fuck. Miro feeds on Patrik's fine cock and then feels the raw pole in his tight ass. Miro licks Patrik's ass and then sucks his cock dry.
03/19/2015 08:00 PM
Doug Fowler
Ever have sex in a canoe? Doug has. This 22 year old is from Detroit, and he is straight. But he doesn't mind us guys watching as his finds pleasure on the kitchen counter. Lucky for us he works out, and has enough of a tan to accentuate his tight, muscular body.
03/19/2015 08:00 PM
Used and Bruised: Part 1
Brayland is captured and hung in front of Mykul Pierce because the boy has gone around saying that he is tough and that he can take it. Mykul aims to prove this a rubber whip and a flogger, which has Brayland dancing in agony.
03/19/2015 08:00 PM
Hollaback Recruit : Part 6
Hanging by the pool, Zack and KC quickly strip themselves of their shorts and give each other a nice blow. Each sees which one could go deeper, until they both sport rock hard boners that are just aching for release. And release they will...